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Brynne Kennedy is Founder and Board Member at Topia, which she launched in 2011 while earning her MBA at London Business School. A frequent speaker and author on topics of technology, HR and global mobility, she previously worked at Lehman Brothers and Standard Chartered.
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Being the Bold Change We Wish to See in the World - Celebrating International Women's Day

Perhaps one of the boldest changes a woman can embark upon is to uproot her family to break away from a situation at home that is violent and unsafe for herself and for her children. Whether the violence stems from within her own home or whether it is the result of a brutal and unrelenting governmental regime, the decision to leave is rarely an easy one.

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Why we're contributing 1% of revenue to the refugee crisis and why you should too

There are more than 63 million refugees and IDPs (internally displaced people) worldwide. That’s one in every 113 people on earth. That’s the population of the UK, or France, or California and Texas being pushed out of their home.  In Greece alone, 43 refugees and IDPs arrive each day.  At MOVE Guides, it is our mission to make it easy to move around the world.  We see immigration and global mobility as a force for good. We see a world where people, goods and capital flow freely.  We see a world where countries embrace the benefits of immigrants and see power in their diversity.  Migrants are 3% of the US population and 27.5% of entrepreneurs.  They generate 9% of GDP.  They are our friends, our colleagues, our parents, our grandparents, our great grandparents, our heritage and our fellow humans.

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